Sheet Piling Expert Ready to Assist Construction Sector’s Rapid Recovery Plans

Sheet Piling Expert Ready to Assist Construction Sector’s Rapid Recovery Plans

One of the UK’s most respected sheet piling suppliers, Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd, is ready to assist the country’s economic recovery as the construction industry emerges from total lockdown and as Tier-1 contractors earnestly seek security in their supply lines.

Sheet Piling UK has all bases covered when it comes to the assurances that the procurement managers of the UK’s Tier-1 contractors require, in order to safeguard their own financial security.

Thanks to working with numerous Tier-1 contractors and decades of experience in the construction sector, Sheet Piling UK has an enviable amount of stock at its disposal, with 8000 Te of new sheet piles and 3000 Te of temporary sheet piles in store and a further 5000 Te of steel sheet pile orders already placed for June and July.

Additionally, it has an exclusive agreement with Emirates Steel which will enable it to reliably fulfil forward orders, with planned quarterly shipments of sheet piles. This means the Sheet Piling UK team, already operating at 95% capacity, can fully commit to the safe, timely delivery of stock and human resource to Tier-1 contractor projects.

Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd’s managing director, Andrew Cotton, says: “We understand the critical nature of secure supply, on time and on budget, for our valued Tier-1 contractor clients and have ensured that every element of our operation has been geared up for a rapid recovery post UK lockdown.  We can tick the box of every deliverable required and play our part in getting the construction sector back up and running once again.

“Whilst we are painfully aware that some suppliers will not be robust enough to survive the coronavirus crisis, creating delays and additional costs in the supply chain, our stock, resources and liquidity mean we can allay fears and offer full support to any procurement manager. We understand that a strong construction sector is vital, if the UK is to enjoy a strong and resilient future. We are doing everything possible to support our sector as it seeks to get back up and running.”

Sheet Piling UK has worked on some emergency projects throughout the lockdown and will be resuming work on smart motorway and HS2 infrastructure projects, using its unique £1.2m long-reach rig, the TM 12/15 LR. A sign of its stability and forward-looking approach lies in the commissioning of a second long-reach rig, with the same 8.1m arm but other capabilities. This rig is due for delivery in a few months’ time, to offer extensive and often unanticipated savings, to projects seeking to not just resume a schedule of works but alto catch up on time lost, by not having to suffer delays around the creation of temporary platforms on which the sheet piling rig can operate.

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