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Day: July 6, 2020

Design & Planning

Birmingham’s journey from grey to green

The Covid-19 crisis offers the opportunity to rethink the way we design our cities, said speakers at Planning and Development to Enhance Health and Wellbeing, the third of …

Plant & Machinery

Kubota Announces the Availability of U50-5

Kubota, a leading manufacturer of construction machinery, has announced the availability of the U50-5, to complete its new series of 5-tonne machines. The U50-5 will join …

Landlord & Estate Services

Landwood Online Auction Platform Delivers £7.5M

Landwood Property Auctions are hailing the success of their online-only approach, after selling £7.5million of property during lockdown. While the coronavirus outbreak forced traditional auctioneers …


How A Big Company Like Nike Is Integrating Blockchain Technology?

It is not some hidden fact but it is an open truth that blockchain technology has brought technological innovation in the industries. Several industries got …


Blockchain Development Tools

If becoming a web developer needs an opportunity, then that opportunity is today. As the world has stepped into the world of the digital era, …