Yorkshire Lettings Have Been Completed

Yorkshire Lettings Have Been Completed

A series of new lettings have been completed at the Sunny Bank Mills development between Leeds and Bradford. Kids Fitness Centre has become the latest tenant at the mill complex, which was formerly the location for the filming of Yorkshire Television’s Emmerdale and Heartbeat series.

“Our latest letting to Kids Fitness Centre gives us special pleasure because Martin Davies, who runs this company, is a Farsley resident, who started off his business hot-desking at our mill,” said John Gaunt, co-managing director of Edwin Woodhouse, the owner of Sunny Bank Mills.

The business has now grown, so Martin has been able to expand into his own office at Sandsgate on site. This is a great example of how Sunny Bank has acted as an incubator for a local business and enabled it to grow and flourish. Martin’s move also underlines the existence of a real community here.

“We now have six really exciting projects in the pipeline, spanning leisure, retail and food. Interestingly, none of them are straight offices and they will really add to the mill and the local area as a destination to visit and work.”

It follows on from the lettings to Amity Brew Company and First Man Photography earlier this month (July 2020). Four more deals are also in the pipeline.

At the same time, £2 million has been invested in the Weaver’s Yard project, which is opening up the centre of the mill, creating a performance area and 95 new car parking spaces.

Yorkshire Lettings Have Been Completed

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Yorkshire Lettings Have Been Completed
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