How To Decorate A Simple Cozy And Elegant Master Bedroom

How To Decorate A Simple Cozy And Elegant Master Bedroom

How To Decorate A Simple Cozy And Elegant Master Bedroom

It is usually said that a bedroom reflects your personality. Therefore a bedroom should be a personal gateway it should be a canvas to represent your favorite collection, feeling, and color. The bedroom should not only be aesthetically pleasing and full of expressions it also should be someplace that helps you get a peaceful and sound sleep. There are various accessories that you can use to make your bedroom look relaxing and stylish at the same time be it luxurious bedding, relaxing hues, and carefully chosen bedroom accessories all combined with meticulously chosen bed mattresses and pillows will promise you a sound sleep while also making your bedroom marvelous.

Your bedroom could be of different sizes and square feet but if you use a little planning and have a little eye for detail you could design a simple and comforting bedroom.

But while planning for your bedroom you must also make a comparative analysis of the mattress that you would be sleeping in. If you are a couple then you can choose any of the beds between king beds, queen beds and california king beds. Let’s make a comparison between queen vs king beds as they are the most popular ones. Queen beds dimensions are 60 inches wide and 80 inches long and are comfortable for most of the couples. But couples needing extra space on the bed need not go with this size. King beds on the other hand are 76 inches wide and 80 inches long. They are more spacious than the queen beds and can fit couples with a kid or a pet. So, you can choose the one according to your need.

Though a detailed sales process will majorly cover all these aspects it is better to do your homework and know your priorities before the salesman/woman makes you the suggestion.

After having a brief understanding of all these issues we have identified some of the ways that will help you decorate your master bedroom more effectively.

Choose The Right Furniture

How To Decorate A Simple Cozy And Elegant Master Bedroom

Before starting to design your bedroom and starting to buy furniture for your bedroom, you must be aware of the floor plan and measured space of the bedroom. Thus it will help you choose the furniture of the right size. you should be careful with the size of the furniture, buying bulky furniture will make the bedroom feel less spacious. Again too small furniture will be lost in a large bedroom, therefore you must be careful buying the furniture for the bedroom. Your choice of bedroom furniture should reflect your purpose and your style while bringing a comfortable and cozy feel to the bedroom.

If you are single then go for either a twin bed or a full bed for comfortable sleep. Get a comparison done to select between full bed vs twin bed. Twin beds are ideal beds for the single people who are less than 6 feet tall and also for the kids. This bed has a dimension of about 38 inches wide and 75 inches long. Full bed, can be used by single adults who want some extra space on the beds while sleeping. Couples, who have smaller space in their rooms and are tight on budget can also use a full size bed but wont find any extra space in between. The dimension of a full size bed is 54 inches wide and 75 inches long. 

Choose Delicate Color

Though colors of the bedroom depend upon your choices it is suggested not to choose bold primary colors and instead settle for calming shades and a restful palette of monochromatic tones gentle touches of lavender green and blue are considered calm and sober. Glittering color might uplift the mood to induce comfort, .but if your favorite is still deep colors it is advisable to use toned-down versions of the same.

The Ceiling

The ceiling is often considered the fifth wall in a room, and a blank wall without any features or color will never let you achieve the authenticity that you wanted to make your room look like. If you want to add any color a subtle pattern or soft color will look on the ceiling. Another solution to developing the ceilings is to use wallpaper or stencil on the ceilings. You can also use architectural modifications in the ceilings by adding beams or moldings in the ceilings. Adding a chandelier with delicate shade or a molded medallion can bring some inspiration to your fifth wall in your bedroom.


How To Decorate A Simple Cozy And Elegant Master Bedroom

Besides being a room that dives into your personality bedroom are also the most personal and intimate space that you would be owning therefore to add the tranquil feeling of the bedroom you have to arrange things that are mostly attached to you sorted and out of sight. You can choose a spacious bedside table with drawers or doors behind which you can hide books, reading glasses, medicines, and other useful amenities out of plain sight but within reach. You can also choose a table with skirting or a dresser with a drawer for more storage. A storage bench at the foot of the bed ct distance acts as a store for linen and bed sheet. A headboard with built-in shelves and sliding panels can be easy storage for books and other accessories. A shallow box underneath the bed hidden with a skirting can also help you store a load of other personal amenities.

Keeping It Simple

The final result of the bedroom should be that it should look simple, sophisticated, elegant despite the type of decoration you choose to decorate your room with. There should be a minimum of three feet distance between the bed and the side wall or large pieces of furniture and at least two feet distance between the bed and other small furniture.

Keep only the necessities in your bedroom: a bed, a bedside table, a dresser, a chair, that should be the most furniture a master bedroom can have. A simple artwork with some family photos scattered around should be enough for your bedroom

Include A Private Corner

You must keep a private place specified for yourself with a quiet place to sit and read. Make it a reading lounge with a comfy chair and a footrest at the end of it. Or if you are a couple you can arrange two of those chairs and lounge in and have tea and conversations in the morning and evening.

Linens And Upholstery

You can outfit your bedroom with beautiful linen and fabric that will add comfort while also improving the aesthetics of the bedroom. Choose cotton fabrics and dry clean them to give a rich and comfy look every time you look at them. You can also add a plush floor covering and throw some cashmere on the reading chair to give it a royal look.

Lighting Options

Keep several lighting options with a chandelier as a base. Keep bedside lamps with movable arms and small decorative lamps that can be used for reading and other activities. Lights should be adjustable with dimmer and also should be equipped with on and off switches


Your bedroom can be a perfect getaway if it is designed in a way where it is your personal space to rest, relax, and romance. Bedrooms should not only reflect your personality but also should be comfortable enough where you can be open and express yourself. Besides choosing all the amenities for a perfect bedroom be it the wall paint to the perfect bed, mattress and upholstery it should be comfortable and relaxing enough to give you a perfect sleep, for what the bedrooms are made of.

How To Decorate A Simple Cozy And Elegant Master Bedroom
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How To Decorate A Simple Cozy And Elegant Master Bedroom

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How To Decorate A Simple Cozy And Elegant Master Bedroom
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How To Decorate A Simple Cozy And Elegant Master Bedroom