Evergreen Flooring Designs That are Here to Stay

Evergreen Flooring Designs That are Here to Stay

Today’s homeowners are open to a plethora of designs when it comes to flooring. Updating your floor will go a long way to boost your property value significantly. It can also help you make a bold statement whether you desire a minimalistic or eclectic look. 

There is a high demand for sustainable and affordable flooring options than in the past few decades. Consequently, manufacturers are not leaving any stone unturned to meet the growing needs of consumers. 

The important factors you need to consider before choosing any flooring style include your budget, safety, needs, and climate. Some flooring designs have gone into extinction, while the following remains timeless and will transform your interior. 

  • Herringbone flooring 

This flooring trend has gained widespread popularity over the years. The herringbone pattern is unique and will complement other accessories in your home. It’s suitable for the entryway, kitchen, bathroom, and dining hall. 

Herringbone flooring comes in different sizes, tones, and formats. It can bring interest and depth into any room when you play around with texture. This type of flooring is budget-friendly, easy to maintain, and will give your home a modern look. 

  • Wood flooring 

Wood flooring has always been a constant trend year in and out. It’s useful for both personal and commercial property. Wood flooring is the ideal choice for individuals who want to take a break from modern living and embrace a rustic look in their homes. 

This flooring often undergoes staining to get a specific finish and it’s easy to maintain. The different types include bleached and blanched wood, fumed wood, and distressed wood. 

  • Laminate flooring 

Laminate flooring is among the flooring that will stand the test of time in this decade and beyond. It can mimic materials such as stone, tile, or wood. 

Laminate flooring now has the look and feel of these materials and features different types of finishes. Technological advancement is playing a major role in its design.

  • Vinyl flooring 

Vinyl flooring is gradually finding its way into modern homes. It is warm and comfortable to the feet. This flooring comes in different varieties such as tiles, sheets, and planks. Some designs can mirror the look of tiles and wood. 

Vinyl flooring is water-resistant and perfect for areas with high traffic and the living room, which serves as a hub for entertaining guests. It is affordable, easy to maintain, and will take several years before fading or denting. Installing vinyl flooring is hassle-free too. 

  • Cool tones flooring 

Modern homes tend to have smaller spaces. Given this, most people prefer light-colored flooring as it can make their space appear bigger and brighter. Taking this approach can help you design a cozy space for better relaxation. The good thing is that your floor won’t look bland with this flooring option. 

These are just some of the hottest flooring designs right now. The choices out there can be overwhelming, and homeowners may not know where to start. Nevertheless, Floors Direct will consider the factors that matter to you, offer insights, and help you arrive at the best decision for your floor. 


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Evergreen Flooring Designs That are Here to Stay
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