Brandt Design Gives Kitchen Design Advice

Brandt Design Gives Kitchen Design Advice

Specialists in the design and installation of residential and commercial lifestyle interiors, Brandt Design, offer you expert advice on the most popular painted kitchen furniture designs.

“Personality and flair is very much at the heart of the modern kitchen, with rich, painted finishes proving the ideal way to create an individual kitchen living space which enhances both your lifestyle and your family’s needs as we look ahead to 2022. Tailor-made kitchens which enhance and anticipate our needs as multi-faceted people who need to cook, entertain and relax quickly and easily are at the centre of residential interior design as we continue to engage with the changes brought by the pandemic and adjust to the ‘new normal’ with changes in work-life balance and new expectations when it comes to household management,” said Julia Steadman, Commercial Director at Brandt Design.

A painted kitchen gives you the opportunity to explore a limitless variety of colour which can bridge home and garden, reflect and enhance your architecture or quite simply bring a shade your love into the kitchen regardless of trends. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the options available for your kitchen cabinets, it is wise to consider which direction your kitchen is facing so you can consider the impact of natural daylight as well as discussing the benefits of warm and cold colours with your kitchen designer.

We all have an innate sense of colour, knowing what we like and dislike from our choice of clothing to our vehicles, so remember that inspiration is everywhere when talking about options with your kitchen designer. Keep an open mind as you work together as your expert will have many years of project experience to draw on. The team at Brandt Design are both creative and highly practical so that they will be able to advise on colour combinations which will suit your home, lifestyle and personality.

Think about the quality of light in your kitchen and how it changes throughout the day. Are there areas in which you will need more illumination and if so how will this impact on the colours you are drawn to? How much time and effort do you want to put into maintaining your kitchen living space? Would a lower maintenance colour which is more forgiving than a pale or white option be a better option? Do you prefer a slab door for a linear look or does the detailing of a Shaker-inspired door appeal?

Would you like the woodgrain to be visible under the paint? What sort of cabinet door furniture appeals to you? Do you want a high contrast between walls, units and worktops or would you prefer a mellower complementary feel?

“Once we have explored the options which resonate with you, we can go deeper and work out the colour temperature of your lighting to complement your choice of paint alongside any neutrals and metals in the scheme,” added Julia.

Brandt Design Gives Kitchen Design Advice

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Brandt Design Gives Kitchen Design Advice
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