How to Save Money When Furnishing Your First Home

How to Save Money When Furnishing Your First Home

Research by VonHaus has revealed that on average, first-time buyers spend £1,397 on furnishing within the first 12 months of moving in. It can be daunting to splash the cash on home furnishing without knowing how long your pieces will last. This is why buyers should consider upcycling older items if their pieces of furniture need some extra TLC.

Putting your DIY skills to work and making old items look as good as new can be a fun challenge. Alternatively, if upcycling isn’t for you, make sure you research reputable furnishing websites which stock good quality items. This can be more expensive, but your items are likely to last for the long haul than upcycling already worn items.

“The life expectancy of most pieces varies by several years and is greatly dependent on the original materials used and construction of the pieces, the amount of daily use, and the amount of care taken during the use of the furniture. A sofa in a family room with small children, teenagers, and lots of pets will not last as long as one in a formal living room,” commented Katie Thomas, Interior Designer and Founder of KTM Design.

“Although there isn’t any specific life expectancy on furniture as a rough guide, sofas and chairs last between 7-15 years, dining tables between 15-20 years and beds between 15-20 years, however it is all dependant on usage and care.

“It’s obvious when it’s time to replace your milk or an everyday essential like your toothbrush, but the expiration dates of our furniture isn’t always clear. While furniture doesn’t have an expiration date like packaged foods, most consumers no longer purchase home furnishings with the plan that they will last forever.”

The top 10 best and worst housewarming gifts

Searches for ‘best housewarming gift 2021’ were up 600% last year, showing that Brits are conscious of gifting their loved ones with the best or most thoughtful items possible..

Whilst it’s a lovely tradition in the UK to gift an item to someone when moving house, there are some presents which first-time buyers would prefer not to receive. A survey conducted by VonHaus reveals the top 10 housewarming gifts that are perfect for a new home as well as the 10 worst housewarming presents which appear to be better left on the shelf.

The housewarming gifts that people really want:

  • Money (28%)
  • Gift cards (27%)
  • Plants (24%)
  • DIY Tools (17%)
  • Kitchen crockery (17%)
  • Alcohol (16%)
  • Scented candles (16%)
  • Basket of tea and coffee (13%)
  • Food (12%)
  • Glassware (11%)

The housewarming gifts that people don’t want:

  • Toilet paper (28%)
  • Exercise gear (27%)
  • Air freshener (19%)
  • A house pet (17%)
  • Prints with quotes such as ‘live laugh love’ (15%)
  • Underwear and socks (15%)
  • Second-hand appliances (14%)
  • Calendar (14%)
  • Novelty drinking cups (13%)
  • Teddy Bear (13%)

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