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Category: Protective Clothing & PPE

Protective Clothing & PPE

Five Sun Awareness Tips for Tradespeople

We all love a bask in the sun from time to time — especially if it’s on a warm beach or in your garden on …

Protective Clothing & PPE

Are Waterproof Work Boots Worth It?

The employee’s head-to-toe safety is paramount, especially for construction, factory, and hazardous jobs. Aside from annual checkups, workers should be equipped with the right safety …

Protective Clothing & PPE

Construction, Innovation and COVID-19

The construction industry in the UK is facing some unprecedented challenges. Whilst that might not be surprising given the global health pandemic that has consumed …

Protective Clothing & PPE

We need your help in the fight against Covid-19

With construction works coming to an end as part of the process to limit the spread of Covid-19, all of us in the demolition and …

Protective Clothing & PPE

UTV Riding Gear Guide

Whether you’re shopping for motorcycle aftermarket mods, an OEM oil filter, or simply a rad new pair of gloves, the sheer number of options can …

Health, Safety & Environmental

Why Construction Site Worker Must Have Protective Clothing?

The work involved in a construction site is extremely challenging and risky as the work demands exposure to various hazardous chemicals, acids, flames, heat, bricks, …