Editorial Content

Featured Articles

In print and online, Building Design & Construction Magazine offers an extensive range of opportunity for working with us to develop strong, insightful, and altogether informative content for our readers. In doing our best to push appropriate and meaningful content before our readers, we maintain a vast in-house team of feature managers which scout out construction industry talent for featuring in the publication. Assessing potential features by merit, our team of feature managers select only the most responsible and professional organisations to showcase excellence within the print and online editions of the magazine, providing opportunities only to those deserving.

News Reporting

As the leading publication under The Publishing Hub umbrella, Building Design & Construction Magazine is afforded considerable journalistic infrastructure. Able to produce regular, informative, and insightful content on trade matters, our print and online news pages are packed with the latest construction industry news. Also maintaining considerable journalist integrity, we maintain a strict policy on the constitution of news content so as best to ensure that readers of our news are, in fact, ingesting the latest industry news as opposed to the republication of direct marketing content – as such this content is produced wholly in-house.

Thought Leadership

With the prominent position of Building Design & Construction Magazine in the wider industry, the platform has become one of the premier vehicles for thought leadership and the discussion of relevant construction topics. With frequent contributors to the Building Design & Construction Magazine online content pages, the debate is already underway – the only question is: are you a part of it?

Product Reviews

Given our strict, professional trade readership, Building Design & Construction Magazine is one of the strongest outlets for the promotion of leading products. Although this traditionally implies advertising, our platform can be used to present products to readers through product review. Reviewing all manner of building products and tools, we present a range of regular product reviews for readers.

Press Releases

Partially thanks to the large volume of content already being produced by Building Design & Construction Magazine on a regular basis, the platform has also become one of those enviable outfits for the pushing of press releases and provided editorial content. We do maintain a very strict editorial policy, but we are always open to receiving up-to-date press releases to take the discussion from there.