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As one of the leading UK building magazines, Building Design & Construction Magazine is one of the premier outlets for the promotion of creatives, content and other marketing material. Reaching an enormous trade audience of some 100,000 individuals through a combination of print and online distribution, the magazine reaches a vast array of procurement decision makers to provide the ideal platform for the promotion of product, service, and excellence. As testament to this notion, the publication is used by marketeers of all shapes and sizes to promote products and services relevant to the building sector in a professional manner.


£ 2965
  • Trim: 440mm x 297mm
  • Type: 400mm x 260mm
  • Gutter: 20mm
  • Bleed: 5mm


£ 1965
  • Trim: 210mm x x297mm
  • Type: 185mm x 260mm
  • Gutter: NA
  • Bleed: 3mm


£ 1195
  • Horiz: 183mm x 128mm
  • Vertical: 90mm x 260mm
  • Gutter: NA
  • Bleed: NA


£ 765
  • Horiz: 183mm x 62mm
  • Vertical: 90mm x 128mm
  • Gutter: NA
  • Bleed: NA

Impressive Stats

% of Business Owners
% of Decision Makers
% of AB1 Management
% of Qualified Professionals

Thanks to our quality construction audience, Building Design & Construction Magazine provides a platform for direct commercial communication with a readership of those in a position to make financial and business decisions. This effectively sees those advertising with Building Design & Construction Magazine able to shorten lead times, improve communication quality, and effectively liaise directly with senior management and board level individuals whose opinion of a product or service could be the make or break of a new contract. With our publication covering the width and breadth of the building industry, this also sees the provision of a strong platform for those very same senior management and board level individuals made able to access a vast range of industry skills, technologies, services and products through utilising the magazine as a supply chain procurement guide.

With our large yet targeted audience, it’s of no real surprise that Building Design & Construction Magazine is perceived as one of the premier platforms for communication between industry suppliers and procurement decision makers to create a harmonious conversation over collaboration, the sale of product or service, and the creation of newfangled business opportunities. Over the years, we have built up a long-standing tradition of impressing advertising clients and readers alike with relevant, successful marketing campaigns channelled through the pages of Building Design & Construction Magazine. In accordance with this, our platform is regularly used by an assortment of industry professionals to promote all manner industry product, or service – all campaigns with considerable success.

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