Since its inception in 1957, virtual reality (VR) has been used for a multitude of purposes,

Exploring the virtual world ~ VR and BIM: a winning combination

Since its inception in 1957, virtual reality (VR) has been used for a multitude of purposes, from computer gaming and music videos to training simulations and product prototyping. Manufacturing is the latest industry to take the plunge as it incorporates virtual worlds into building information modelling (BIM). Here, Glyn Shawcross, group design manager at engineering […]


Moving Machinery? Here’s how to select the perfect transportation vehicle.

This brief article is designed to outline which specific transportation vehicle would be ideal for your moving scenario, and predominantly focuses upon

Waterscan Presents the Future of Water Reuse and Flooding Solution

Waterscan Presents the Future of Water Reuse and Flooding Solution

Waterscan has unveiled the latest technology for water reuse and flood resilience. Intellistorm uniquely combines rainwater harvesting, attenuation and


Innovative Green Building Technologies

There is more pressure on today’s building technology and innovation than ever before: with climate change being forever the hot topic, there’s no doubt

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