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An industry leader in the UK Construction News sector, Building Design & Construction Magazine is one of the most highly regarded and reputable sources of building news, property news, engineering news, and much, much more. Additionally, we feature many of the UK’s leading construction companies and building professionals in our UK building magazine, providing insight into the inner-workings of the construction sector, as well as emerging means of building, content relative to up-to-date building news and areas of property management best practice.

Design and Build: Construction News

The building sector is one in a state of constant evolution. This can be seen across all sectors, including: architecture, interior design, property management, property development, facilities management, building services, procurement, and new-build construction. As such, our construction news pages, both in print and online, are packed with the latest building news so that you, the construction professional of today, can keep abreast of the latest changes in the building sector. Overall, our construction news articles feature a variety of topics, incorporating everything from traditional building news all the way through to opinion pieces relative to construction news topics, featured interviews with building industry professionals and the highlighting of key framework contracts and building awards.

Manage and Develop: Property News

We understand that, for the wider sector, stopping at the base provision of construction news alone only serves a mere portion of reader interests. As such, we have a dedicated focus on property news and facilities management news; in effect, covering all aspects of property, property management, asset management and how building services and facilities management can be used to improve the value of any given property. Of course, not all property news items are entail best practice, and we do also feature traditional property news such as housing contracts, commercial developments and retail property developments – this, in effect making our news pages a comprehensive source of all property news.

BDC Magazine | The Construction News Team

Producing regular content for both our UK building news pages and for in our leading building magazine, Building Design and Construction Magazine, our construction news team is made up of reputable, respectable and articulate trade writers and journalists. Regularly interviewing building industry professionals and collating their thoughts into insightful studies, the construction news team is always on the pulse of the latest building news topics, industry developments and areas of reader interest. Increasingly, the team is seeing an importance focus upon property news and architecture news as increasingly popular topic areas and, as such, we see the importance of tailoring our content in line with these readership interests as of the utmost import. After all, every little thing we do, we do for you, the readers.